West Coast Pine 410


Fashioned after the designs from Fullerton’s heyday of the 1960’s, our West Coast Pine series is true to the original recipe.


The sound of this 4×10 cabinet is truly 'Super' It shares the height and width of the famous 4×10 combo of the Black Face era, but with slightly more depth for reduced position sensitivity. American voiced speakers such as the Legend 1258 are ideally suited to this cabinet. An open back will provide the traditional airy tone, but  there is more than enough internal volume to accommodate an alternative closed back configuration if preferred.

Our West Coast Pine series is combines hand picked ¾” #2 pine with Baltic Birch baffles and backs. NO MDF backs, NO particle board baffles. We use box and finger joint shell construction for strength, and expertly apply tolex with hide glue to ensure good looks and a long life.

Black Tolex, silver Grill cloth and chrome corners finish the stock cab. Open back is standard, optional backs are available.

Dimensions: 25-1/8″ x 24.5″ x 11″ (W x H x D)



All cabinets are made to order.  Average build time is 4 weeks.

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 14 in